The Schools of:

1)Electrical and Computer Engineering



4)Musical Studies and

5) Journalism and Mass Media

In cooperation with the School of

7) Accounting and Finance of the University of Macedonia

Have organized and run since the academic year 2002-2003 interdepartmental and interdisciplinary programme of postgraduate studies (D.D.P.M.S) titled:


The total number of the accepted students per year is 45 and  is distributed to three different directions. The rules and regulations document describes the selection criteria of the students, the study programme, the student rights and obligations and the terms and conditions under which the degree is awarded.

The objective of the programme is  the development of a new field of interdisciplinary postgraduate studies as a result of the convergence of the scientific fields related with the theory and application of advanced computer and communication technologies.

The programme offers  specialized knowledge on the use and development of advanced applications of the information and communication technologies  with the aims of (1) creating human resources with high theoretical background and know how able to cope with the needs  of the rapid technological advances, (2)  provide well trained personnel to high tech companies and (3) comprise the core of training the rest of the society. Simultaneously, the program seeks to reinforce the interdisciplinary research, the undertaking innovative projects of applied research  with the purpose of developing  the respective manufacturing facilities.

In order to achieve these aims the programme is organized in three sub programmes.

A. Network Computing and e-Commerce

B. Intelligent Systems

C.  Information and Communication Audio Video Technologies for Education & Production.

Specifically, the knowledge content of the first sub-programme includes  techniques for software engineering, high performance computing and  development of environments for programming parallel and distributed architecture  computing systems which could be used in large scale applications of electronic business and commerce.

The second subprogram focuses to the integration of a wide range of knowledge fields including software engineering, high performance computing, robotics, computational intelligence, theory of computation, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. The objective of this sub-programme is the  specialization of  engineers and scientists in the field of biologically inspired  intelligent systems which can be realized with the high performance software and  hardware technology.

The knowledge content of the third sub-programme focuses on the development of specialized information and communication technology for the show business industry (radio, cinema, television).  Such technology  integrates sound, image speech and music. In specific, the programme targets to the creation of specialized educators, technical and scientific personnel for the Mass Media Industry.

The Interdepartmental/Interdisciplinary postgraduate studies programme  on “Advanced Computer and Communication Systems” awards an M.Sc (Specialization Postgradute Degree) degree on each one of the above mentioned fields. The minimum duration of the programme is three (3) academic semesters. The first two semesters are devoted to the teaching a number of mod yules in the range of o11-13 with an overall ECTS load of 60 units , whereas during the third semester the students carry out  a R&D postgraduate thesis credited with 30 ECTS. The deadline  of thesis submission can be extended by  2 additional academic years.