Professor of Materials for Electrotechnics, A.U.Th

1985 B.Sc. Physics, Dept. of Physics, A.U.Th
1989 Ph.D. Materials Science, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, A.U.Th

Positions held
1991-1996 Lecturer,
1996-2003 Assistant Professor,
2003-2010 Associate Professor,
2010-today Professor, at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, A.U.Th.

Academic positions

    • Vice-president of the Department, D.E.C.E., A.U.Th. (2007-2009)
    • Director of the Electrical Energy Division, D.E.C.E., A.U.Th. (2006-2008)
    • Senate member of A.U.Th., representative of D.E.C.E. (1993-1994 & 2006-2007)
    • Member of the inter-departmental committee of the post-graduate programme “Protection and Conservation of Monuments of Civilization”, A.U.Th (2000-today)
    • Member of the General Assembly of D.E.C.E., A.U.Th. (1991-today)

Academic activities

    • Course co-ordinator and instructor in graduate and post-graduate courses of the D.E.C.E., the post-graduate programme “Processing and Technology of Advanced Materials” and the post-graduate programme “Protection and Conservation of Monuments of Civilization”, A.U.Th.
    • Lectures in 7 Erasmus-Socrates European Intensive Programmes “Advanced physics and chemistry of materials” held at European universities (1996-2006), organizer of an Intensive Programme at A.U.Th. in 2004.
    • Referee in international scientific journals and conferences.
    • External evaluator of 2 Ph.D. theses in foreign universities.
    • Member of : HPS-Hellenic Physical Society, EPS – European Physical Society / magnetism group, IEEE / Magnetics Society.
    • Member of the local organizing committee of 4th European Magnetic Sensors & Actuators Conference (Athens, Greece, 2002), Member of the scientific committee of 2nd National Conference of Metrology (Thessaloniki, Greece 2007)

Research activities

    • Member of mag-net, A.U.Th. Laboratories Network on Growth and Characterization of Magnetic Materials
    • Supervisor of 5 Ph.D. students (2 completed)
    • Scientific responsible of research projects
      • “Synthesis and processing of nanocomposite permanent magnet materials”, (British-Greek bilateral cooperation, 2003-2005)
      • “New magnetic hexaferrites with rare earth substitution” (GSRT, Pythagoras II, 2005-7)
      • “Electromagnetic radiation absorption at microwave frequencies: simulation, design, synthesis and characterization of materials” (GSRT, PENED03, 2005-2008)
    • Partner in research project “Development of bulk and nanocomposite permanent magnets” (GSRT, PENED99, 2000-2001), member of research group in 4 other projects.

Fields of interest and experience:
Synthesis and characterization of materials, magnetic materials, permanent magnets, determination of magnetic structures, magnetic measurements, hysteresis models, intermetallic compounds, dielectric properties of materials

Publications – Databases search : Scopus, ISI Web of Knowledge


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