Hadjileontiadis LeontiosHis research interests entail the recording, processing, analysis and modeling of signals and the development of related applications (hardware – software). In particular, the studied signals include:
– Biomedical signals (breath sounds, heart sounds, bowel sounds, electromyography, electrocardiogram, signals recorded in the Intensive Care and Anesthesiology Unit, signals recorded in Sleep Laboratory) in order to develop new diagnostic, classification, pathology forecasting methodologies-tools.
– Seismic signals (seismic activity recordings- P and S waves), for rapid 8/109 Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis identification of the earthquake epicenter, automated management of large volumes of seismic data and modeling of seismic behavior.
– Non-destructive testing signals (acoustic signals) for detecting characteristic cracks (position, size, depth) in rods (1-D) and plates (2-D), as well as in bones in order to quantify bone osteoporosis and evaluate the success of homogenization of implants (e.g., dental, orthopedic).
– E-collaborative/blended learning data, for modeling the interactions during collaborative/blended learning of student groups using PCs, utilization of metacognition data and development of prediction models and intelligent knowledge management systems (i.e., Intelligent Learning Management Systems-iMoodle) for proper feedback during cooperation in order to avoid detuning and quality reduction.
– Behavioral data of group of people for the study of tactics (development of best-tactics prediction systems for ream sports).
– Emotional-perception data (either through responses to questionnaires or through recording of biosignals (eg, EEG, GSR, HRV) and / or recording and analysis of facial expressions via webcam) for developing emotional intelligence systems and intelligent human-machine interfaces

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email: leontios(at)auth.gr