Personal Data

Name Traianos V. Yioultsis
Date of Birth 22 May 1969
Place of Birth Yiannitsa (Pella prefecture), Central Macedonia, Greece
Affiliation Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Div. of Telecommunications, 54124 Thessaloniki, Greece
Position Professor
Phone +30-2310995930
Fax +30-2310996312
E-mail traianos(at)

Academic Degrees

  • PhD degree – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AUTH, Greece with highest honours (awarded: 7/5/1998).
  • Diploma of Electrical Engineering (5 year degree), AUTH, Greece, with highest honours: 9.52/10 – 1st in a class of approximately 200 students (awarded: 15/7/1992).
  • High school diploma (Thessaloniki) with a grade of 19.9/20. Admission to the Dept. of ECE, AUTH (after national exams).

Academic Employment

  • Assistant Professor, Dept. of ECE, AUTH, Greece, (promoted: 23/11/2006).
  • Lecturer, Dept. of ECE, AUTH, Greece (8/10/2002 – 23/11/2006).
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Computational Electromagnetics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (1/7/2001 – 31/9/2002).
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of ECE, AUTH (1/10/1999 – 31/6/2001).
  • PhD Student, Dept. of ECE, AUTH (1/5/1993 – 7/5/1998).

Awards – Distinctions

  • Best poster paper award, among more than 400 papers at CEFC 2000, Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, Milwaukee, USA (June 2000).
  • Invited member of the panel session “Edge elements” at the 1997 COMPUMAG Conference (Rio de Janeiro) among O. Biro, A. Bossavit, Z. Cendes, K. Fujiwara, G. Mur and J. Webb.
  • Annual awards for excellence as a student, by the Greek Scholarship Foundation (1987 – 1992).
  • Awards for excellence by the Technical Chamber of Greece (1991, 1992).
  • Several invited lectures.

Teaching Experience

  • October 2002 – Today (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): Teaching of 5 undergraduate courses (Microwaves I – 7th semester, Wireless Communications I – 7th semester, Advanced Antennas – 8th semester, Wireless Communications II – 8th semester, Microwaves II – 9th semester and 2 graduate courses (Finite Element and Difference Methods, Microwave Measurements).
  • August 2001 – September 2002 (University of Illinois): Participation in teaching of 2 courses (ECE 350 – Lines, Fields and Waves,  ECE 420 – Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics).
  • October 1993 – September 1997  (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki): Participation in teaching of 4 courses (Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I-IV).


  1. Microwave Systems, Aristotle University Press (in Greek).
  2. Advanced Antennas & Synthesis of Antennas, Aristotle University Press (in Greek).

Laboratory Experience

  • Fabrication and measurement of planar microwave circuits and antennas
  • Establishment of systematic protocols for EM field measurements

Theses Supervision
I supervise 4 graduate students, working towards their PhD degrees. I have also supervised more than 50 Diploma Theses (equivalent to Master Theses) over the last 5 years.
Research Experience – Qualifications

  • October 2002 – Today (AUTH):
  • Analysis, design and fabrication of antennas and microwave planar integrated circuits with computational techniques and optimization (nonlinear optimization, genetic algorithms, etc.)
  • Wave propagation for urban and indoor communications
  • Experience in measurements of microwave circuits and electromagnetic field measurements
  • Application of optimization techniques to inverse problems in biomedical engineering (mainly for the inverse electrocardiographic problem)
  • August 2001 – September 2002 (University of Illinois):
  • Computational modeling of EM waves and induction effects in on-chip interconnects
  • Reduced order modeling of high speed electronics via Gaussian spectral rules
  • September 1999 – June 2001 (AUTH):
  • Experimental and computational study of the effects of EM radiation to animals and humans
  • Computational analysis of antennas and microwave circuits
  • May 1993 – May 1998 (AUTH):
  • Development of advanced finite element techniques for high frequency electromagnetics
  • Study and optimization of mobile communication antennas

Research Projects
I have participated as a co-investigator in several projects, 3 as PhD student, 2 as postdoctoral re-searcher in Greece, 2 as research fellow at the University of Illinois, USA and 6 as Faculty member:

  • “Study and optimization of antennas for mobile communications”, Greek Telecommunications Organization, 1993-1994 (60,000 €).
  • “Establishment of a testing center for EMC appications and measurements in Northern Greece”, Greek Ministry of Labour, European Social Fund, 1994 (30,000 €).
  • “Development of advanced techniques and software for the EM analysis of complex biomedical and communication applications”, PENED (*), GSRT(×), 1996-1998 (25,000 €).
  • “Experimental study of electromagnetic radiation effects on rats and computational simulation in humans”, PENED (*), GSRT(×), 2000-2001 (120,000 €).
  • “Measurements of EM field level in the city of Serres, Greece and study of antenna park relocation”, Municipality of Serres, 2001-2002 (40,300 €).
  • “BestFit: Optimum Interconnect Modeling for Rapid Transient Simulation of Large Distributed Networks”, Semiconductor Research Corp., IBM, Univ. of Illinois, 2001-2003 (200,000 $).
  • “Modeling of propagation in on-chip interconnects via Finite Element techniques”, Semiconductor Research Corporation, TI, Univ. of Illinois, 2001-2003 (150,000 $).
  • “Development of advanced computational methods for the solution of direct and inverse electromagnetic problems. Design and electromagnetic compatibility of microwave devices”, EPEAEK (**), Greek Ministry of Education – TEI of Serres, Greece, 2004-2006 (51,585 €)
  • “Measurement and evaluation of low and high frequency EM emissions in Crete”, EPEAEK II Greek Ministry of Education – TEI of Crete, Greece), 2005-2007 (86,200 €)
  • “Design & Implementation of Innovative Microwave and Optical Communication Circuits”, PENED (*), GSRT(×), 2005-2008 (132,790 €).
  • “EM Absorption in Microwave Frequencies: Simulation, Synthesis and Characterization of Materials”, PENED (*), GSRT(×), 2005-2008 (72,350 €).
  • “Mapping of the Electrical Myocardial Activity and Solution of the Inverse Bioelectromagnetic Problem”, EPEAEK, (**) Dept. of Medicine, Dept, of ECE, AUTH, 2005-2007 (90,000 €).
  • “Measurements of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Power Density”, continuously rolling project (est. 40,000 €).

(*) Research Personnel Support Programme

(**) Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training
(×) Greek General Secretariat of Research and Technology