The Department of Electrical Energy covers the subject of sources and technology (conventional, nuclear and mild forms) of electrical energy generation, electromechanical energy conversion, transmission and distribution of electricity, technology of high voltages, electrotechnical materials and power electronics.


  • Power Systems Planning, Operation and Control, Renewable Energy Sources, Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power, Power Electronics and Energy Conversion, Applications of Informatics to Power Systems.
  • Electrical Machines (EM): Eddy Currents, Electrical Drives, Heating of EM, Magnetic Field of EM, Acoustic Noise and Vibrations of EM.
  • Hierarchical and Decentralised Control of Large Scale Systems.
  • Early Detection of Malfunctions with Noise Techniques, Heat Transfer, Environmental Radioactivity Pollution Measurement and Modelling.
  • Magnetism, Magnetic Materials, Ceramics, Testing of Materials, Structure of Materials.
  • Environmental Radioactivity, Interaction of Radiation with Matter.
  • High Voltage Technology, Electrical Breakdown, High Voltage Laboratory Techniques, High Voltage Applications, Lightning Protection Systems.

Department of Electrical Energy Secretariat
tel. 2310 996317, 2310 996396