The partners of  the new SophiaTech Campus    http://www.sophiatech.eu/

EURECOM, Inria, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, CNRS  (I3S,LEAT) and the Labex

UCN@Sophia  https://ucnlab.eu  are organizing the second edition of the « Mediterranean Days@Campus SophiaTech »  :http://leat.unice.fr/MEDDAYS2014
They will be held on the Campus from March 12th till March 14th 2014.

The goal is to introduce our research activities to some selected students, with a focus on our international masters. There will be some general presentations and scientific visits of research teams (according to the student’s choice). We intend to welcome students from Greece, Italy, Spain, Algeria,  Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey (around 35 students in total). We will finance both stay and travel (within reasonable prices) for each selected student.

The event will start on Wednesday March 12th at noon (lunch time) and will end on Friday March 14th at 5 p.m.  Students could arrive either on Wednesday March 12th or Tuesday March 11th. They could leave  during the week end if they want to visit the area.

We would very much appreciate your help in selecting a few students and asking them to send their detailed CV (including their grades, ranking) and recommendation letters from their professor if possible to the following email address: hanras@eurecom.fr and to fill the following online form by January 31st 2014 at the latest.

Our jury will then select at most 2 students from your university to take part in the Mediterranean Days.