1 Advanced Courses in Electrical Power Systems
2 Advanced Courses in Electrical Machines
3 Topics in Nuclear Technology
4 Advanced Courses in Numerical Analysis
5 Topics in Electrical Measurements
6 Advanced Courses in Technology of Materials
7 Semiconductor Technology
8 Dielectrics
9 Digital Networks of Integrated Communication Services
10 Advanced Digital Image Processing – Artificial Vision
11 Topics in Data Bases
12 Fuzzy Logic Techniques and Applications
13 Intelligent and Autonomus Systems – Neural Networks
14 Industrial Electronics and Electric Machines Control
15 Advanced Computer Architecture and Microprocessor Systems
16 Special Topics in Robotics and Flexible Manufacturing Systems
17 Moving Image and Graphics
18 Informatics
19 Optimization Theory
20 Estimation Theory
21 Reliability and Fault Diagnosis of Electronic Circuits and Systems
22 Advanced Courses in Mathematics
23 Electromagnetic Field
24 Telecommunication Systems
25 Signal Processing Methods and Applications
26 Mathematical Physics Methods
27 Telecommunication Traffic Theory
28 Acoustical Signal Processing
29 Optics
30 Finite Elements Methods
31 Propagation-Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Random Media
32 Microwaves Applications
33 Advanced courses in Radiowave Propagation and Systems
34 Non-linear circuits and non-linear oscillations