PANDORA Robotics research team (Program for the Advancement of Non Directed Operating Robotic Agents) in the RoboCup Rescue competition that took place on 17-23 of July 2015 in Hefei, China, ranked second in the “Autonomous Robotic Vehicles” category competing participants from 16 countries.

Actually it was practically a tie between the first team, the Hector team from Darmstadt and our team.

PANDORA Robotics is developing an experimental robotic platform specializing in Rescue Robotics, including fully autonomous mapping, navigation and search for life signs in locations inflicted by disasters. The team consists of undergraduate students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under supervision by Professors from the department. PANDORA Robotics designs and implements its robotic vehicles from scratch aiming to compete in the annual international competition of Robocup Rescue (participating in this since 2008).

More information at: (regarding the competition) and, (for the Pandora team).