The main concern of the staff of the School is to continuously improve the education provided to undergraduate and graduate students. This goal is motivated by the high level of young people choosing to study to our School. On the other hand, members of the School have the happiness to interact with many exceptional new partners coming from the ranks of our students, and continuously raise the prestige of the School at national and international level.

The electrician is a scientific area now progressing rapidly . To avoid losing someone in the maze of developments and to properly guide them, we must have a solid foundation of scientific knowledge. This is one of the main concerns of our School: supply our students with a solid knowledge base.

Studies in the School are tough and require serious effort from the students. The gift in return for this effort is to establish a solid scientific personality and gain a sense of self-sufficiency and self-reliance; qualifications capable of tackling obstacles and difficulties raised by life in general .

The electrician is multifaceted science , leading graduates to pursue careers in many other professional fields , in addition to that of an electrician. For example, careers in music , theater and other arts, biomedical technology and medical informatics , mathematics and especially in physics. The significant contribution of electrical engineering in the development of physics is well known .

Within the rapidly changing national and international environment we try to monitor developments closely and promote them .